An Important Lesson for All Business Owners

Stiff Business Competition

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This day made me again aware of an important lesson to be shared to all business owners.

I badly needed to buy new tires ASAP. So yesterday I searched online, was able to find a good shop, got all the information from the tire shop’s website and set an appointment to buy from them and have them change my tires the following day.

When I got to Tomas Mapua street where the tire shop was, I was SHOCKED – a whole strip/neighborhood of just tire shopsliterally one shop after another, easily 50 shops. Here is the Google Maps view.

Tire shops

Did the shop I have set an appointment with even have to fight for my attention as a customer? NO.

Why? Because we have already sealed the deal ONLINE the day before. So I went straight to them. A customer won just because of their strong online presence.

Imagine having a business that has so much competition? If the shop I transacted with did not have a website, they will have to compete with 50 other shops in their midst.

This brings to mind a merchant partner we have in QC.

It is not even a big restaurant, 100-150 seating max. Once you enter, you can see the whole venue in 3 seconds.

But that “little” venue got HUNDREDS of online reservations worth millions in 4 years.

Why so? Because they were able to capture online reservations on the spot.

For one, there were a lot of OFWs who were to come home for a few weeks just for their wedding and wanted to book their reception while they were still abroad, and was able to – ONLINE.

They already SEALED THE DEAL ONLINE while still in Dubai or Saudi because of their website which had online reservations. 

Because of the time difference, some of the online bookings were even during the hours that the venue was still CLOSED.

Imagine making money while still closed?

Cabizerra booking 209 am
Booking made by a customer at 2:09 AM

The moral of the story is, make your business have a strong online presence, and make booking or ordering smooth, seamless, and easy 24/7.

Do NOT give customers an opportunity to venture elsewhere and look for another. Give all the information, pictures on your business website and let them seal the deal within your website.

I have always believed in this concept which is why we came up with the “best of both worlds” idea – a website and a superapp.

Don’t let your business drown in competition. have a strong online presence, give the customer all the information they need enough to seal the deal on the spot, such as an online reservation system that lets customers book and pay the deposit online.

This is what AnyTablePH offersa powerful website that serves as your automated “sales machine.”

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Anyway, this is how stiff the competition is among tire shops in Tomas Mapua. Tires, tires, and more tires – as far as your eyes could go.

Stiff Business Competition

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Author: Hazel is a Search Engine Professional who has made many businesses grow in the USA, Australia, and the Philippines by increasing online visibility.