The New Peach Blossoms in QC: Their ‘Secret’ to Success

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While we sadly witness business closures (of prominent brands even) left and right, we take pride in being part of the success story of The New Peach Blossoms in Quezon City, which has remained steadfast through all the crises the Philippines – along with the world – continued to face.

Aside from their affordable packages, one advantage they have is their automated online reservations system, which enables them to capture big ticket sales 24/7 – even while they are already closed for the day or have not opened yet for the new day.

This automated online reservations system takes away the issue of no calls being answered, or customers having to wait for business hours to be able to book a reservation. Not with Peach Blossoms!

Wedding Package Peach Blossoms
cropped Wedding Package

This gives them more mileage than you think. Because of this automated online reservations system, they are even able to capture reservations not only in the city, but from OFWs who will come home just for their wedding. Imagine being able to capture high ticket sales from across the globe?

They are also included in AnytablePH’s reservations search filter, which lets a customer filter the reservations search according to capacity, location, type of event, and cuisine. This is something a standalone website cannot do.

The point of an automated online reservations system is to be able to capture the sale and seal the deal when the customer (from here or abroad) has made the buying decision, and not let the customer have a waiting time.

Their success story has gotten the attention of a TV show on Entrepreneurship and they will be featured soon. We will definitely update this page on this TV feature!

Congratulations, The New Peach Blossoms! More years to come!