Restaurant Marketing Strategies that Truly Work!

Along with AnyTablePh’s system, we are producing these blog posts to help the Filipino entrepreneur know the best restaurant marketing strategies that truly work!

We at are one with your goals. Hence, we have set up our system that not only has lower fees, but is also set to sell all of your services, not just delivery/pickup, but catering, reservations, and deals!

We also want to empower the food business merchant by imparting our knowledge in digital marketing, especially how to be more visible on Google. Thus, we made this whole partnership very business-friendly, as our partnership includes a website for each merchant and we will also give you expert marketing advice in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What are the benefits of having a website for a food business?

restaurant marketing strategies
  • It allows you to sell all of your products and services – delivery, takeout, catering, reservations, and deals
  • It makes your business more easily found by both your new and returning customers on search engines, especially on Google, and have total control over your online presence, as contrast to just being in a marketplace or aggregator sites/directories. Load all images/videos, announce your events/promos.

  • With the proper keywords on your website, you can be found by more customers online who are looking for what you might be offering.
  • You can be found by more customers with higher buyer intent as opposed to just a Facebook Page. It makes your business available to those abroad who want to order for their loved ones here in the Philippines. We have had ordering customers from abroad who found our merchant partners on Google.

Plus many other benefits that might be too technical – suffice it is to say that having a website will maximize your business potential!

What are the benefits of becoming an AnyTablePH merchant partner?

As a merchant partner of AnyTablePH, you have the best of both worlds! Your website empowers your business and at the same time you are in our main site.

Our one-time joining fee includes a free website. Having a website empowers you to be more active in promoting your business by sharing your domain.

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Aside from your website, you can also be discovered in our main website, Your business will be included in the filtered searches according to what service/product you offer.

superapp for food businesses

Our fees are lower, hence more profit margin for you and more affordable prices your customers will appreciate! And because this system was developed entirely here, there are no foreign exchange adjustment fees/hidden fees..

Finally, we will also impart our knowledge in online visibility with a merchant support group, because we believe the success of your online visibility is a joint effort – which is why we begin with your website or webpage with AnyTable. Join the merchant support group here.

We will also guide you on how to set up and manage your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) so that you easily appear on Google, as well as learn how to use this tool to the fullest! Set up or claim your business’s Google Business Profile here.

How effective is the Online Reservations system?

We all know how ordering food online has become so common, or even table reservations. But how about online reservations for events? Here is a case study below.

When we first launched the online reservation through one of our merchants’ website, we did not expect the positive outcome – within a few hours, someone already made an online reservation for a wedding! And to think we did not even promote it yet. 4 years later, they have a total of PHP10Million worth of reservations with about 95% success (there a few cases wherein the reservation was changed by the customer, hence in effect, it appeared twice).

Online restaurant reservations

We did not expect it either – but couples/families started booking their events online. These are some of the cases:

  • an OFW wanted to arrange her wedding while still abroad because once she is here, she only has 2 weeks leave so she had to arrange her wedding reception online, this happened a few times
  • a Filipina mother in Canada who could not come home for her daughter’s debut, booked a debut party online for her.

Yes, customers are now booking their events online, whether abroad or here! Imagine capturing sales from practically anywhere?

Here is how easy it is to manage restaurant bookings from your own website from us:

I want your online reservations system but what if I already have a website?

We shall create a webpage for your online reservations (and menu gallery as well), which you can link to your website. Sure you can have your own booking on your site via a contact form, but the advantages are

(1) bookings are organized in an online calendar format that easily shows your venue’s availability, and

(2) you are also in the reservations search and filter in our main website at Anytable.

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