How Social Media Has Impacted My Client’s Food Business

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-by Yves Amiel Loza-

No doubt that social media has one of the strongest influences on a food business’s growth. I myself have been helping food businesses all over the world, and I want to share my expertise to the Filipino food entrepreneurs.

Here is one of my latest results!

Profile of the Business

Wins! Wins! Wins! 🎉

Industry: Food and Beverage

Niche: Chinese Restaurant
Location: USA

I am pleased to share my success this week with one of my clients, specifically in the Chinese restaurant niche within the USA.

My Strategy

  1. Regular engagement on social media through community interactions and user-generated content. I responded quickly to comments and tagged posts.
  2. Special promotions for Chinese New Year to drive sales.
  3. Outreach to influencers with a following of at least 10,000 and engagement rates of 8-10%. Some collaborations were paid, while others included free food or discounts for their audiences.
  4. Regular posts about our location to make it easy for customers to find us.
  5. Facebook advertising campaigns targeting a broad audience, with one campaign utilizing one layer and the other utilizing two layers.
  6. Use of specific hashtags for different menu items, with 3-5 hashtags per post and varying the hashtags used depending on the number of posts per hashtag.
  7. Posting in relevant online communities or content-seeding.

The Results: Ta da!

Fans: +479 or 450% Increase

Engagement: +785 or 15600% Increase

Impressions: +42,492 or 3029% Increase

I am now planning to expand my operations to the Philippines and am excited to offer a free seminar for business owners in the food industry on how to effectively use social media and digital marketing to build trust with audiences and attract more customers. As a bonus, I have included a picture of sushi to whet your appetite. 😂

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Need help with your business? You can reach out to me via my LinkedIn! Yves Amiel Loza