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Get Higher Ticket Sales 24/7 For Your Restaurant with Online Reservations


Do you need higher ticket sales and more restaurant occupancy?

Are you still manually accepting bookings through the phone or online messaging?

Are you still recording your bookings the traditional way—offline, time-consuming, and confusing?

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Stop missing out on sales! It’s time to make taking reservations online fast and easy with AnyTable PH!

What is Anytable.PH?


AnyTable PH is a revolutionary food business platform that captures sales opportunities round the clock, including a venue and table reservation option. 

This helps restaurants such as yours easily get found and receive bookings online no matter what time of the day. It’s like being open 24/7and we mean it! Take a look at some of the reservations customers have made on our platform.

We’ve been doing this for a few restaurants over the past few years, and the response is very encouraging. Restaurant owners are able to receive more booking requests than ever before.

Our realization is – customers already prefer booking online just to secure the reservation – even major events such as weddings and debuts!

One restaurant even started getting online reservations for weddings while the customer was still abroad. OFWs coming home for their wedding have booked their reception online.

A PHP45,000 booking made months ahead and done at past the restaurant's business hours
A PHP45,000 booking made months ahead and done at past the restaurant's business hours
Online booking made at 2:09 AM, making sales while the restaurant is closed
Online booking made at 2:09 AM, making sales while the restaurant is closed
An intimate wedding event booked online
An intimate wedding event booked online

We’re excited to launch this service nationwide, starting with the key cities – don’t be left out! We will only earn 5% of the bookings placed, so you are at no risk. We earn only when you do.

What does an AnyTablePH membership include? 

1. A Google-ready, sales-enabled website that can capture advanced reservations and orders 24/7  plus 

2. platform membership 

all for a for a one-time fee. It will include your own domain, full functionality, and all possible income streams like online food ordering, catering, online reservation, (if offered), and deals.

See a website in action:

See how this online reservation of a merchant partner’s website is filling up one restaurant fast, thanks to the convenience of online booking

Booking Calemdar

It shows the availability (days in black) and encourages the customer to book on the spot, especially if there is scarcity such as during holidays. The customer can just click on the available date to book.

Your restaurant will also be included in our platform, where it can be found by customers through the Reservations filter.

Online Reservations

This helps you get online bookings two ways: directly through the dedicated reservation webpage that we will create for your restaurant, and through our online reservations platform where customers can discover your businesssomething you can’t achieve with a standalone website.

This is a smart marketing move for your restaurant,  as it promotes bigger sales and increases your restaurant occupancy. There is no risk, and plenty to gain for your business!

The key is to make it easy for customers to make a reservation, and for you to accept reservations no matter what time your customers make one. This means no missed opportunities!

Manual Booking Online Booking with AnyTablePH
Time consuming Done in a few clicks
Manual payment or on-site Instant online payments to secure the deal fast
Limited to business hours (you might miss out on a customer!) 24/7 booking capture (subject to approval)
Disorganized Organized/Easy to manage
Calendar only visible to restaurant Visible to restaurant and customer for easy  customer booking
Standalone/Hard to be discovered Included in our Reservations Search platform
Details not in real-time Real-time booking availability update

Are you ready to get found and reserved online?


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get higher ticket sales through bookings. Sign up today and start getting bookings online just like our current merchant partners!

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Send properly labeled images of your restaurant both venue and function room; if you have an image of your menu for each package, feel free to send them as well
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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a customer lands on your reservations page, they can book your venue on a specific date and time slot in your online calendar. Once they book a slot, both you and the customer will get the details via email, just like in the screenshots above.  

(You may opt to call the customer at this point if you wish through the contact details on the email, but as long as you  keep your online calendar updated, there should be no problem )

The customer will be redirected to the payment page so that their reservation deposit can be paid, closing the sale.  Once paid, you will be informed by email and you can thus approve the booking. at the website backend or through the link in the email. 

This will also mean less burden for you because we will collect the deposit and transfer to your account within one to three (1-3) banking days.

Only deposits are collected upon reservation to help you secure the sale as well as make it easier for the customer. The rest of the payment may be made directly to you on the day of the event.

Simply plot bookings done via phone or walk-in on your online calendar so that availability details are updated in real-time.  (You have always recorded your booking schedules – why not in your online calendar so customers know your availability?) 

You will be given access to the back end so you can manually plot these types of reservations.

The key to successfully automating your reservations is to keep your online calendar updatedand you can do so in a few minutes!

You can block special dates like holidays at the backend.  This eliminates the extra step of the customer having to call you to ask. An updated online calendar makes it a very pleasant customer experience. 

The key to successfully automating your reservations is to keep your online calendar updated—and you can do so in a few minutes!

On the contrary, your online calendar has fixed slots which once confirmed, will block the dates booked. It is actually the manual booking that has a danger of overbooking especially since miscommunication is very common.

You can offer your coffee shop or small restaurant for even the most intimate of gatherings, such as small business meetings, networking events, and casual gatherings. Make your business available for small reservations during your lean hours and make the most out of all hours of the day!

The services we provide include:

  • Online food ordering for delivery and pick-up
  • Promotion of your catering services
  • Promotion of your reservation option for tables or venues
  • Promotion of special deals
As long as you provide at least one of these services, you can sign up and enjoy lower fees, higher profits, and 24/7 opportunities!

We are covering the entire Philippines! In our early stages, we will be offering delivery services in areas covered by our logistics partner. If you have your own delivery logistics, or offer catering/table or venue reservations, you can join and enjoy more exposure for your business!

There is no lock-in period. However, please keep in mind that once you have a website, the domain is paid for a year.

We will still need to create your own gallery and reservations pages via a subfolder ( This gallery in our system will enable us to display your images on the online ordering menu itself.  This has been found to be very effective in sales conversions.  The gallery also has your venue images to encourage booking on the spot. Your reservations page is connected to our main platform so you can be discovered by more customers.

On top of this, having a webpage  with us for your business will be listed on Google and other search engines. This further increases your online presence and visibility! Our system is programmed to be ordering- and reservation-enabled 24/7, so you don’t miss opportunities. Capture advanced orders and reservations even when your lines are closed for the day, subject to your approval!

Once you’ve submitted all the requirements (sign up fees, completed forms, menu and venue images), your website will go live in two (2) weeks. Your business will appear in our main site within just one (1) week!

Lalamove is our current delivery logistics partner, serving Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, and Cebu. We will be expanding our services in the future with local logistics providers in other areas.

All we need is your dedicated e-mail address and SMS so we can notify you of all the orders coming in through our system. These e-mails are monitored, and we will promptly inform you when there is an unread order. No need for POS integration; you can monitor your orders from anywhere!

Online payments (e-wallets, debit and credit cards, and bank transfers) will be processed through Dragonpay and remitted to merchants daily. For cash on delivery (COD) orders, our delivery logistics partner Lalamove will remit payments as they are made.

  1. You can sell all possible services you want: table or venue reservations, online food ordering, catering, and deals to cover your lean hours. This maximizes your earning potential!
  2. You have your own Google-ready website that is ordering-/reservation-enabled to capture sales 24/7.and empowers you to promote your business freely
  3. You enjoy LOWER fees and no foreign exchange adjustment fees/hidden fees
  4. You get merchant marketing advice in our FB merchant support community.

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