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Calling all food business owners!

Enjoy lower platform fees, promote all possible income streams, and maximize your profits.

All that and a lot more with Anytable.PH!

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Why is AnyTable.PH the best solution for your food business?

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Be discovered in our Superapp

Enjoy lower fees in our Superapp that lets customers discover all your services. Don’t settle for just retail orders when you can also sell party packages, catering, rent out your venue for reservations, or offer package deals during your lean hours!

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Have your own sales capturing website

Freely promote all your services in a website that lets you capture on-demand or advanced orders and reservations 24/7. It’s a round-the-clock sales workhorse!

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Marketing guidance in a Facebook group

We have formed a merchant community where we give online marketing tips so you can make use of free tools such as Google Business, Google Maps, and Merchants Center to promote your business online. That’s a real partnership! 

Are you tired of the high commission fees of your current online ordering platform?

We understand.

The high commissions they charge plus forex adjustment fees eat up on your profit margin.

Worst of all, by mentioning to your customers that you are on these platforms, you are unknowingly introducing your customers to your competitors.

But don’t worry, because we’ve got the ultimate solution to make the most from your food business. 

If you want to break free from...

Then you're in the right place.

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Introducing Anytable.PH

Empowering your business to grow and thrive in this digital age.

AnyTable.PH was started with the purpose of empowering food business owners who have been struggling hard to survive in this digital age.

We believe that for you, business owners, to fully maximize your earning potential, you need to have the best of both worlds—a merchant partner in our  platform/app and your own website.

We started with building a few merchants’ websites with a greater focus on online reservations. And we’re proud to say we’ve produced results.

One 100-capacity venue got PHP10 million in online reservations in 4 years!

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Working with your own resources, market, and goals, your business can also thrive on your own ordering-enabled, reservation-enabled website, and we will guide you towards making the most out of the website we will build for you—while being in our Superapp!

Want to register your business with AnyTable? Sign up as a merchant partner now! 

How AnyTable.PH empowers your business

All-Encompassing service offers with our Superapp

You might be the best in taste, service, and quality, but to thrive in the digital age, you need a strong digital presence that speaks to your business’s credibility.

Don’t worry—AnyTable.PH has you covered!

Our superapp conveniently allows filtered searches for all services, so that you can reach your ideal market and offer multiple services, such as deliveries, takeaways, catering, reservations, and deals.

The sky is the limit on AnyTable.PH’s superapp!

A one-stop solution for all your food business needs is just a click away

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Your very own sales-grabbing website

Want to get a silent brand ambassador for your restaurant that not only promotes your business, but actually captures sales even while you’re sleeping? We can help you achieve that.

When you sign up as a merchant partner with AnyTable.PH, you will get an optimized website for your business that can capture advanced bookings/ orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No missed opportunities!

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Marketing guidance in a Facebook community

We want you to be truly empowered, so we’ve formed a merchant community where we give marketing advice on how to use your website to the fullest. Members also learn how to make use of  free tools such as Google Business, Merchants Center, Google Maps, and other business directories.

Get found on Google Search with us

Google is the greatest source of ready-to-buy customers, but only if your business can get found! Aside from achieving this through your website, we will teach you more marketing tips in our merchants’ Facebook community on how to come up on Google search—the secret ingredient to success for our top merchants

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Still on the fence?

With the many ways to get sales as a merchant partner, you could be earning this very moment no matter what time of day – just like what our current merchant partners enjoy. 

This is the benefit of your business  enjoying the best of both worlds – a superapp AND a 24/7 sales-grabbing website. That way,  you introduce your customers to your business, and not  to your competitors.

Sure, we have a platform too, but it is OUR job to promote it, not yours. You just have your website to promote and get your customer’s attention all to your own products and services.

It is the best formula for your success:
Superapp membership + Your own sales website + FB merchant support group  

There’s no finer opportunity for your food business than signing up as an AnyTable.PH merchant today!

To get you started on receiving orders and reservations, we are offering a very low one-time sign-up fee. Be an early bird, because this offer won’t last!

Frequently Asked Questions

The services we provide include:

  • Online food ordering for delivery and pickup;
  • Promotion of your catering services
  • Promotion of your reservation option for tables or venues
  • Promotion of special deals
As long as you provide at least one of these services, you can sign up and enjoy lower fees, higher profits, and 24/7 opportunities!

We are covering the entire Philippines! In our early stages, we are offering delivery services in areas covered by our logistics partner. If you have your own delivery logistics, or offer catering/table or venue reservations, you can join and enjoy more exposure for your business!

There is no lock in period. However, please keep in mind that once you have a website, the domain is paid for a year.

We will still need to create your own subdomain at so that we can create your menu gallery, which will enable us to display your images on the online ordering menu itself. This has been found to be very effective in sales conversions.

On top of this, having a webpage for your business with us increases your online presence and visibility further! Our system is programmed to be ordering- and reservation-enabled 24/7, so you don’t miss opportunities. Capture advanced orders and reservations even when your lines are closed for the day, subject to your approval!

If you have a reservations facility, it will also be created on your business’s subdomain (, which will be linked to the reservations directory in our main website.

Once you’ve submitted all the requirements (sign up fees, completed forms, menu and venue images), your website will go live in two (2) weeks. Your business will appear in our main site within just one (1) week!

Lalamove is our current delivery logistics partner, serving Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, and Cebu. We will be expanding our services in the future with local logistics providers in other areas.

All we need is your dedicated e-mail address and SMS so we can notify you of all the orders coming in through our system. These e-mails are monitored, and we will promptly inform you when there is an unread order. No need for POS integration; you can monitor your orders from anywhere!

Online payments (e-wallets, debit and credit cards, and bank transfers) will be processed through Dragonpay and remitted to merchants daily. For cash on delivery (COD) orders, our delivery logistics partner Lalamove will remit payments as they are made.

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